Monday, April 16, 2007

Armenia - Week #2

Barev tsez,

We are still loving Armenia! We've visited the Armenian History Museum, the Tumanyan museum (famous Armenian author), and Echmiazin which is the seat of the Armenian church and was build in 301 AD. The Armenian History Museum was fabulous. There were a lot of rugs, clothing, pottery, and jewelry. They even had artifacts from BC. We especially enjoyed the Tumanyan museum since we plan on going to the Anoush opera which was written by him and Kar has read one or two of his books including Gigor which is a very sad story.

We went to Echmiazin yesterday and saw a service which was cool. It was quite long since they were ordaining new priests.
We also visited Kar's dad's family who she had never met. They even had pictures of the family. It was great hearing all their childhood stories and playing with their kids. For Easter, Armenians have a tradition where they color eggs and try to see who can break whose egg. The winner gets the eggs. These eggs were from their hens and were super tasty. They live in a village and have a small vegetable farm. It was nice to be outside the city and see the beautiful countryside.

Other than that, we've been taking Armenian lessons with my cousin almost everyday and being spoiled by my aunt's yummy food. It's so nice to have them so close by. One night, they took us to a club where we heard an Armenian reggae band. It was so odd to hear but quite fun! We've also enjoyed watching American movies in Armenia though it's weird to hear Brad Pitt speak Armenian with someone else's voice.

And of course we need to say a bit about the food. Below are pictures of the Armenian pizza called lahmajon and a dessert made with walnuts called soujoughk. We've also tired pirachcki which is just meat, potato, or cream in fried dough. Those are quite yummy but we are eating them sparingly since we are trying to watch our figures!

The environmental festival was quite disappointing since there were no booths and it was mainly a concert and a few activities for the kids. They are having a cleanup in a few days so we'll go to that and Kar hopes to make some contacts.
We'll update you once more this weekend before we head to Eastern Europe. We miss you all.

-Kar and Haig


artineh said...

good work getting the pictures to be bigger! I can't believe they have that picture of dad's family... I think we had a copy one time too, no?

It was nice talking to you last night, Kar. It sounds like you are having a blast and have a lot to share. We can't wait to see the slideshow when we come up for the weekend.

have fun with the extended fam and make sure to take pictures with Arbi too!


Daphne said...

what fun that you're getting to connect to so much of your extended family. i bet getting to feel more of your native culture has been amazing as well. can't wait to hear more tales. enjoy!!

santoukht said...

seereli Haig and Karineh,

I couldn't be happier seeing your wonderful pictures and the surroundings; the museums, Haig cracking eggs with two young boys, the farm seen with chickens behind Karineh. The museums and the opera must have been quite an experience.
Thanks for sharing all with us.