Sunday, May 20, 2007

Croatia Continued


Haig does not want to defend himself against the speedo comments but lets just say he was not the only one sporting such an outfit!

We apologize for the short blog last time. We were dealing with a Mac and it didnt recognize the pictures (nor does our computer now so our pics are not in order). The keyboard that were using now is kind of weird too so excuse the absence of apostrophes.

Well, since we last wrote, we have visited the islands of Lokrum and Mljet. The last island is a national park and actually one of the Survivor seasons was taped on one of the beaches.

As for the food, weve been eating tons of food. Haig is loving the seafood (especially the mussels) but poor Kar has to stick to bread and cheese and wine. Dont worry though because we had a kitchen most of the time and managed to cook some protein.

We also got to take in Croatian culture at the folk dance and music show which was amazing.

Finally, we had a tragic yet funny Haig and Kar adventure which helps complete our journey! We took a bus to our final destination in Croatia (the Plitvice Lakes National Park) and we knew we would get in around 3 am but we figured there would be a bus station so we could either sleep there or find a place to sleep. NO! The bus driver dropped us off in the middle of the jungle and to make matters worse, it was pouring rain. We managed to find a hotel but luckily for us, they didnt have any rooms. Lucky since it was super expensive. We stayed in the lobby playing cards until 5 am when we could actually see where we were going. We hiked to the tourist information office which didnt open until 8 so we found shelter in an strudel stand and hung out for another three hours. The good news is that we finally found a great bed and breakfast!

Now, back to the park... we saw some incredible water falls and the clearest and bluest water we had ever seen. We got to get a nice workout too on our hike which our muscles thanked us for.

Now were in Zagreb, Croatia and next well be visiting Haigs moms childhood friend in Vienna, Austria for 2 days before we fly back home.

Miss you all but see you soon!

Kar and Haig