Thursday, May 3, 2007

Prague, Czech Republic

Dobry den (hello in Czech),

We just spent 3 days in Prague and we are headed to Hungary on an overnight train tonight. The city is gorgeous and Haig is loving the goulash and dumplings. It was hard for Kar to order vegetarian food (1. because there aren't many vegetarian options and 2. because no one speaks English in the non touristy areas). However, Kar is loving the beer!!!

We visited Prague castle, Charles Bridge, the Jewish district where we went inside the oldest synagogue in Eastern Europe, and the Communist Museum which was fascinating. We also went rowing on the river, relaxed at the parks, and checked out a jazz bar. The city is already overrun by tourists. We would hate to see what it was like in the high season.

Compared to the rest of the places we've been on our trip, Prague is definitely the most expensive, therefore, we stayed in a hostel which was actually very quaint and cute. Luckily, there were no drunken 18 year olds to interrupt our sleep! This hostel actually had a lot of older couples (most in private rooms) but it was encouraging for us to see that we can maintain our type of travel as we get older.

-Kar and Haig

ps. The transportation system here rocks! However, the ticketing is on an honor system but undercover police randomly ask for tickets. Haig had misplaced his ticket and we almost got a fine!!!! Luckily we found it but missed our stop and were lost for a while.


Kelarik said...

Haig, are you sleeping like that (your feet up) or were you just posing. It is so funny. Lucky Haig that had goulash. I love goulash. Eat some for me too if you find it in another places. Have fun. I have to be careful not to post it twice. Love you. mom

Joe said...
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santoukht said...

Magnificient buildings, and great food. What are the thick white slices by the chunks of goolash meat? Karineh, you look great! Haig, what door is that? I wonder if it is what I'm thinking it is. Today we were at Bahrig and Raffi's celebrating their first wedding anniversary. They got the party room, and prepared delicious salmon and chicken with side dishes. Raffi's family gave Bahrig some beautiful gifts, because the first anniversary is very significant. They asked about you and we shared all your good news. love, mom

artineh said...


OK, I can't believe mom is showing her "fat kid" side! I bet if she could, she'd ask you guys to bring goulash back :) but good on her for not double posting.

Hi DAPHNE PEE! Yup, we're still picking on mom but you know she loves the attention? How are you doing? How's Drew? We miss you guys... hope you can come out for the wedding (invite soon to come).

OK, back to the travelers. We're excited to see you in less than a month even though we know that means it's the end of your trip... bittersweet I'm sure. Bitter because it's the end of a long adventure, sweet because you get to see me ... just joking!

well have fun for the next 19 days!

Daphne said...

hey you guys!

both of you look great!! and the cities look beautiful!

regarding the vegetarianism, kar - rest assured, the meat you are eating is at least grown in a much more sustainable way than most of the meat you'll find in america. i'm learning that day by day, as i read "the omnivore's dilemma" (a must read for anyone poring over these postings, but definitely for kar and haig). this agricultural industry we've established is socially and environmentally corrupt!

anyways, enough leftward leanings. the point is, kar, you probably don't have to worry too much about the meat you eat while on travel (other than the freshness... ahem, haig).

have fun with the rest of the tour.

Beth said...

Your posts have been so fun to read! I think your pictures have included some of the bluest skies I've ever seen (alas, thanks to living in the Philly area, the skies aren't always so blue here). It looks like you had a blast meeting some extended family, and the dives sounded wonderful (despite the lack of locally-owned businesses...sigh). No job yet, so if you don't mind I'll just live vicariously through your trip! Have a great time during the remainder of your trip! :-)