Saturday, May 12, 2007

Hungary and Croatia


We spent 3 days in Budapest, Hungary. We went to two of their baths (we couldn't take pictures inside) which were fun and relaxing, Haig forced Kar to go to the circus which she ended up loving, and we visited Castle Hill.

After a grueling overnight train ride, we made it to beautiful Dubrovnick, Croatia. We've been lounging on the beach and just having a blast in this cute little town. We'll let the pictures do the talking.

Bye for now.

-Kar and Haig


artineh said...

PADEEV!!! Haig, what's up with the speedo?? Kar, were you totally embarrassed? So European! Takes me back to the traumatic Germany days when I first saw an old man in a speedo...

And I think your family should have really let you join the circus instead of being an engineer. Who needs such a prestigous professional degree when you can mimic the clown's hand motions so perfectly?!?!

Joking aside, the beach in Croatia is beautiful. A nice place, it seems, to end such a long and adventurous trip.

We can't wait to see you soon and get to see all the pictures. Looks like Haig did a really nice job with your new toy (the camera).

love, arti

(Silva mokur, please don't get mad at me for joking with your son. It's just part of the indoctrination into our family and truly a measure of love :) )

Daphne said...

well, since i'm not a part of the family, i'll just go ahead and make fun of haig for his speedo....

and i've got nothing. sadly, i still think the grandma swimming cap is worse. but maybe you can tag team them together and give those croatians something to remember.

anyways, looks like a great way to wind down the journey. but it doesn't look like you've gained much weight. i think i'm going to have to ask for a detailed meal review again. i don't believe you've been eating enough! ;)

have fun with the last few days!

Joe said...

Haig! I am boldly stepping up to be the first voice of dissent on this blog. There is nothing about your speedo that should be made fun of; not even mildly! I certainly like your speedo!.

I hope my last couple of comments don't cause my status as an honarary Armenian to be revoked. The mysterious disappearance of my previous comment causes me to wonder if I've seriously disgraced myself.

Perhaps you deleted it to save me from further disgrace. Thanks for watching out for me! :)

artineh said...

speedo jokes aside (and they ARE valid), I just had a conversation with a colleague, a native of the former Belgrade, Yugoslavia and I mentioned you guys were in Croatia. He told me to recommend Hvar City if you haven't been there. it's an island off the coast that is only about 2.5 hours away by ferry. He said it is the most beautiful part of Croatia, according to him. There are three other little islands right off of Hvar called Palmizana, Jerolim and Stipanska. He and his family visited these islands often when he was growing up. As he got older, he also went a lot to Galistal (sp? I can't read his handwriting that well) but this is right in between the above mentioned islands and he said it was a cool place to go and drink (bar status). Anyway, not sure if it's too late but I thought I would put it out there just in case.